Proven Model

Blue Ocean Harvest (BOH), founded in 2007, is a strategic advisor and provider of capital-raising solutions, including debt financing, debt refinancing, and equity.

Emerging Market Focused

BOH is focused purely on emerging markets, with an emphasis on the Latin American and Caribbean region, and a long-term commitment to Colombia.

Multi-Sector Expertise

BOH clients include large-cap and mid-cap companies, infrastructure concessionaires, and government entities.

Local Partner

Grupo BOH, established in 2014, is the BOH in-country team within Colombia, supported by a network of global resources and ecosystem.

About Blue Ocean Harvest

Colombia's 1st In-Country Growth Financing Platform

Blue Ocean Harvest (BOH) eliminates the barriers to growth which have historically constrained public and private sector stakeholders within emerging market economies.

In order to achieve their full socio-economic potential, developing nations such as Colombia require wider access to the efficiency, flexibility, and scale that capital markets-driven solutions offer.

As many of the solutions that our clients need do not currently exist within Colombia, our team applies Blue Ocean thinking. This approach brings the right local and global market participants together, as well as identifies the clearest path to ensured client success.

In doing so, BOH simultaneously helps to enhance the availability, affordability, and transparency of the local capital markets within Colombia.

The BOH Edge: Quality Execution

Quality Transactions

BOH manages a dynamic pipeline of creditworthy companies and concessionaires seeking to raise institutional capital to meet their expansion needs.

Quality Structures

BOH tailors long-term facilities, vehicles, and risk mitigation mechanisms which are fully modeled, rigorously tested, and independently validated

Quality Termsheets

BOH crafts compelling analysis from a lending underwriter’s perspective, supported with comprehensive financial & documentation packages.

Quality Relationships

BOH delivers lasting value to our stakeholders through mutually-beneficial collaboration and a continuous sharing of ecosystem, knowledge, insights, and tools.

Capable Local Team

BOH's "Boots on the Ground" model pairs exclusive deal sourcing relationships with a deep understanding of local risk factors and operational nuances.

Financial Engineering Expertise

Our ability to design innovative, sophisticated structures helps clients optimize their balance sheets and creates creditworthy, high-quality transactions.

Advanced Data Analytics

BOH's in-house "InfoStructure" engine and research team generate reliable local market data to increase transparency and uncover opportunities for our stakeholders.

World-Class Ecosystem

The BOH platform brings together top-tier local and global market participants, including institutional financiers, international financial institutions, and service providers.